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Working with my real life partner

Have you ever wondered how we do it?

Hunter and I are a real life couple, we live together and have been in a long term relationship.

So how did we end up working together as companions?

Well Hunter has always been my biggest supporter, when we met each other I was doing online work such as camming and selling pictures/videos. He would help me take pictures and videos and even featured in some, I moved into only fans during the pandemic which he continued helping me with.

I’ve always been interested in different forms of SW, so when I was given an opportunity to get into in person work Hunter wholly supported this.

He helps me pick my photos, helps with wording of ads and comes shopping with me for cute outfits and lingerie.

Over the first year of escorting I had people ask about him and if he would ever be involved, he had been interested but never seriously considered it. We finally sat down and booked in a photoshoot for him and started working on his ad.

We love our MMF in private life so why wouldn’t we enjoy doing them at work?

It would be a dream that I get to to hang out with my best friend, meet lovely clients and often pop their 3some cherry!

I won’t go into details but just imagine opening the door to the two of us and enjoying a splendid evening of good company, food and debauchery.

Rylee 💋💋

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